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The WrapItRight® Certification for Automotive from Arlon is designed to train installers on the best practices for color change vehicle wraps. Color change vehicle wraps are considered the paint replacement solution for vehicles. These wraps require time and dedication to precise details and finishing. The WrapItRight Certification for Automotive offers hands-on experience for a variety of applications including cleaning a vehicle, heat & tension control, wrapping a side view mirror and much more. Every color change vehicle wrap will have unique challenges and our certification class provides installers with the best practices and solutions to achieve the best color change wrap. Our goal is to give you strategies that will work across all critical installation areas. This certification class combines our technical knowledge of vinyl film with global industry application experience to create guidelines for the general best practices for color change vehicle wraps.

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Benefits of WrapItRight® Certification for Automotive - US & Canada

  1. Certificate for your office to hang or use for other promotional purposes.
  2. Certified logos for your premises.
  3. Recognized on the Arlon Automotive website.
  4. PDF of Certified logo for use on your own website.
  5. Continuing Education Programs free-of-charge.
  6. Receive 1 color brick free of charge whenever there are any product offering changes.

WrapItRight Certification - Automotive Testimonials

WrapItRight Automotive Certification training in Chicago

WrapItRight Certification - Automotive
in Chicago, Illinois US

"I think Arlon's Introductory to Automotive Restyling Films and WrapItRight Certification classes focused on Ultimate PremiumPlus films performance under different scenarios such as using heat and tension. I found knowing the films behavior is very important because every vinyl acts differently, and if I don't know the 'in's and outs' of a specific vinyl I don't feel confident offering it to my customers."
Andrew Harsch
Diamond Graphics

"The course exceeded my expectations and significantly expanded my knowledge of automotive restyling wrap details. I really appreciated the practical training provided by both instructors, Ritchie and Louie which added real value to the event. The speed wrap and working with other installers from the Midwest was just a perfect ending.

Thank you Taylor, Ritchie, Louie and Arlon for giving Midwest wrappers a chance to learn, test and explore your Chrome film."
Marcin Pekala
Color-Wrap - logo

"I recently attended the WrapItRight Certification Event in the Chicago area and was blown away with the amount of knowledge received in just two days. There was some book work going over the properties of the film but the rest of the class was 100% hands on!

I'm positive this will help my installation techniques with Ultimate PremiumPlus and/or PerformancePlus in any future job.

Big thanks to Ritchie, Taylor and the entire Arlon crew for making this certification so worth while!
Charlie Trujillo
Lettering Express / LE Wraps
Lettering Express - logo

WrapItRight Automotive Certification training in Canada

WrapItRight Certification - Automotive
in Ontario Canada

"I can tell you that I have taken all the certification courses offered in the industry, I enjoyed the Arlon Certification course the most.

Why? The outline of the course, the depth of material explanation, the instructors knowledge of the materials. Ritchie and Glen just made it a fun and low pressure environment of learning, testing and exploration.

There wasn’t an agenda to sell media or advance training courses, neither was it a course of our material is better than others.

I personally enjoyed it.
Guy Langevin
Ask Guy Event Graphics Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a training or just an exam?
A: WrapItRight® Introductory Training is just a training event. WrapItRight Certification - Automotive is an extensive color change training program with examinations on the last day.

Q: What happens if I do not pass the exams?
A: You are free to come back and retake the exam at any time after a 90 day waiting period.

Q: What will I need to bring?
A: Bring your own application tools.

Q: Where will my exam be held?
A: You can select one of the dates/locations listed in our calendar or request additional information by region.

Q: How does your testing work?
A: The certification is a combination of a practical application test which consists of numerous parts, and a written exam. You must pass both the exam and application testing in order to receive the certification.

Q: How difficult is it to pass?
A: WrapItRight Certification - Automotive is the most difficult certification in the industry. We consider that some of our techniques may be different than others that have been trained over the years by other manufacturers. Our goal is to give the most comprehensive testing possible, in order to prepare you for any job or situation!

Learn the WrapItRight® Way

Below you will find a series of videos that you MUST watch and learn before attending a WrapItRight certification class.

Clean Zone for Color Wrap
Creating a Clean Zone for Color Change Wraps

When doing a paint perfect color change, any piece of dust or debris can threaten the final look of your wrap. Managing the cleanliness of your application area is the start to a great color change project.

Receiving a Vehicle
Receiving a Vehicle

A successful vehicle wrap starts with giving your customer a good understanding of exactly what they can expect. Receiving the vehicle from your customer is the perfect time to do this. This video shows how you what details should be reviewed with your customer before you wrap a car.

Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping
Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping

Improper cleaning is the number one cause for vehicle wrap failures. This video shows the correct way to clean a vehicle prior to a vinyl graphic installation.

Removing and Remounting Badges
Removing and Remounting Badges

How to handle emblems and badges is one of the challenges in making a color change wrap look factory fresh. This video shows you how to remove and replace automotive badging while maintaining the paint perfect finish of your automotive wrap.

Color Change Recovery with Ultimate PremiumPlus™ from Arlon
Color Change Recovery with Arlon Ultimate PremiumPlus™

Color change wraps demand extreme stretch and this can lead to discoloration or loss of finish. Learn how to recover the extreme automotive finishes of Ultimate PremiumPlus™ by learning the techniques in this video.

Installing Broad Stretches with Heat Gun Vs. Infrared Heaters
Installing Broad Stretches with Heat Guns Vs. Infrared Heaters

Completing a successful full vehicle wrap is dependent on using a heat source to help conform your vinyl wrap to complex curves and channels. Keeping consistent heat across an application is always a challenge when using a standard heat gun or torch.

Wrapping a Side Mirror
Wrapping a Side View Mirror

Installing vehicle accents can be challenging even for expert installers. This video shows how to install vinyl graphics to a complex curve mirror using a pre-stretch method.

Working with color change inlays
Working with Color Change Inlays

Many installers try to wrap bumpers in one piece. Having a one piece bumper wrap will often lead to problems down the road. This video shows you how to use "Inlays" to make a wrapped bumper look perfect.

Wrapping the Bumper on a Color Change
Wrapping the Bumper on a Color Change

This video shows you a technique to apply vinyl in deep recesses. Wrapping vehicle bumpers will often demand extreme stretch of the vinyl. The expanded pocket technique will help you achieve a perfect application that doesn't lift.

Edge Trimming and Wrapping Corners
Edge Trimming & Wrapping Corners

Proper trimming is a very important step in any vehicle wrap, especially in a restyling or color change projects. This video shows the correct way to trim your graphic to achieve a paint-like finish.

Meet Ritchie Daize

Ritchie Daize

Ritchie got his start 23 years ago working at a small sign shop weeding cut vinyl and building signs. When the shop was awarded the contract for a large fleet, Ritchie became the lead applicator for the project and soon after opened his own graphics installation company called RD Installations which he owned for 15 years. Ritchie quickly become a leading expert in wrap application and fleet graphics. In 2008, Ritchie sold RD Installations and began working for Arlon. In a technical sales role with Arlon, Ritchie traveled the globe from 2008 to 2012 learning the best application techniques for all types of sign and graphics. More recently, Ritchie has been tasked with putting that knowledge to use in helping to build the WrapItRight.com platform and training program. Ritchie lives in Canada with his two children and is currently a certified WrapItRight® trainer and Business Development Manager for Arlon Automotive.

WrapItRight® - Certification Automotive Sign Up for US & Canada

There are currently no certifications scheduled. Please check back for an updated event list.


  • This is a Certification event, not a training event. Attendees are expected to be skilled installers well-versed in the concepts and vernacular of the WrapItRight® videos.
  • This is an Arlon Automotive Color Change Certification not a general graphics installation certification.
  • The certification is a two-day event, light breakfast and lunch are provided.
  • Attendees should bring a full complement of hand tools; heat guns, IR Heaters and other heavy tools will be supplied.
  • There is an exam that must be completed in order to be certified. Attendees must get 80% or higher on both the written and practical exams to become WrapItRight® certified.
Cost (WrapItRight Certification - Automotive ONLY)

Purchase two full rolls of 60"x25 yards of Ultimate PremiumPlus™ from your local Arlon Automotive Distributor. In order to be confirmed for the program, please fill out the form below and attach a copy of your invoice you received from your local distributor from your purchase. Your invoice must be from the current year. *For alternative purchases of Chrome and Chrome Effects as form of payment please contact the host location.

All registrants are subject to be reviewed and approved by Arlon Graphics.