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How To Become WrapItRight® Certified in Europe

The WrapItRight® Certification is designed to certify installers on the best practices of car wrapping. Over our 50+ years in the automotive graphics industry, we've learned that installation expertise is not something that you can just study and instantly know. Instead, expertise comes from getting hands on experience with a variety of jobs and situations. Each wrap will have unique challenges and an installer's job is to be the problem solver on each and every wrap. Our goal is to prove that you are a perfect problem solver and can get up with strategies that will work across all critical installation areas. The WrapItRight Certification from Arlon emerges from our technical knowledge of film products with global industry experience to create guidelines for the general best practices for vehicle wraps.

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Benefits of WrapItRight® Certification for Europe

  1. Certificate for your office to hang or use for other promotional purposes.
  2. Certified logos for your premises.
  3. Recognized on the Arlon Automotive website.
  4. WrapItRight Certified logo for use on your own website.
  5. Guaranteed 24 hour (one business day) complaint handling.*
  6. 2-year No Hassle Warranty.**
  7. Continuing Education Programs free-of-charge.
  8. Discounts on re-training.

*More complex claims could take longer, but we guarantee 24 hour response.
**If labor is paid, Certification Board members only can decide on necessary time allotted. Labor rate compensated at 20 Euro/hour.

WrapItRight® Europe Certification - Testimonials

WrapItRight Automotive Certification training in Europe

Europe’s First WrapItRight Certified Installer

"I am still a bit shocked that I am the first one. I feel really good (to be the first Certified Installer from Arlon in Europe). I am really happy that I could join the club. Piotr Cinski is in a completely different league and it’s the reason why he is the world champ! He showed me exactly how it works and explained technically how everything works. I do recommend to everybody who is taking the assessments to get the training from one of your trainers. I love the Arlon Matte Ultimate PremiumPlus™ colors, they are just top of the league. You can’t really compare with the other Matte colors out there to be honest and the new candy colors are absolutely beautiful as well. Working with the vinyl is really easy and I really like the Arlon products. I would definitely recommend the Arlon WrapItRight Certification to other wrappers. If not the certification, at least the training from one of your trainers because that is just different level of wrapping. I think it is really important for a wrapper to be certified in the automotive color change or commercial graphics industry. More qualified people on the market means the quality of all the jobs will be better and that’s what we are looking for."
Michael Szwacki
MEK Wrap Squad
46 Metcalfe Road,
Skippers Lane Industrual Estate,
TS66PT, Middlebrough
Email: info@mekcarstyling.co.uk
Website: www.mekcarstyling.co.uk/home.html
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a training or just an exam?
A: We only do the exam during your certification. The two days are exam days and not training days.

Q: Can I book a training session before my certification exam?
A: Of course you can! The cost of training session is additional to the Certification exam cost. If you would like to schedule a training as well, please email arloneuropecs@arlon.com or call +31 70 354 4311 to speak with our Marketing Coordinator.

Q: Can I get certified by myself?
A: We recommend that you get certified with the other installers in your shop, and generally speaking, will not do Certification classes with fewer than 3-4 attendees.

Q: I don’t speak English. Can I still get certified?
A: Yes, you can still get your certification. Please select the trainer who speaks your native language. If none fit, we can do our best to arrange a translator to be present for you.

Q: What happens if I do not pass the exams?
A: You are free to come back and retake the exam at any time after a 90 day waiting period. The cost for retaking the exam is €99.

Q: What will I need to bring?
A: Bring your own application tools.

Q: Where will my certification be held?
A: If your certification is with Piotr Cinski, the certification will take place in Tubbergen, NL. With our other trainers, the location of the certification is variable.

Q: How does your testing work?
A: The certification is a two day intensive exam which is in two parts. On Day 1, you will be tested on your installation technical skills on various parts of a vehicle. On Day 2, you will have to pass our written examination. You must pass both exams in order to receive the Certification.

Q: How difficult is it to pass?
A: WrapItRight® Certification is the most difficult certification in the industry. Our goal is to give the most comprehensive testing possible, in order to prepare you for any job!

Meet the Trainers

Piotr Cinski
Piotr Ciński

Piotr is one of the world’s most experienced wrap installers, having wrapped over 6000 vehicles. He is the current owner of Pentagraf, a Poland-based wrap company, and is also Master Installer at Dutch wrap company 12wrap/Jabe. Piotr is the overall winner of The FESPA Wrap Cup Masters Series in 2013, and is recognized as the first official World Champion of Car Wrapping. He has twice won the Polish Car Wrap Championship in 2010 and 2012.

Since 2013 he has been the Technical Expert and Judge at The Polish Car Wrap Championship, and was the Event Trainer for 3M Poland from 2010 to 2013. In 2014, Piotr was the Head Judge at The FESPA World Wrap Masters. When asked about his career and being a Wrap-It-Right Board Certification Member, Piotr says:

“I don’t believe that a best installer in the world exists, but I always do my best to try to be that one. In addition to teaching, I believe in continuing education and improving my skills. I’ve attended many trainings from wrapping associations, for example, training with PDAA members in the USA, working on courses from manufacturers like Avery and 3M, and taking instruction from private companies. I have used every possible brand and type of vinyl over the years. I believe that the best installers are on a constant quest to learn new ideas and make themselves better, and I am happy to say that I continue to learn with each install and training that I do. I am proud to be Arlon’s trainer because the quality of their film and their focus on high level training. The Wrap It Right Certification is the toughest in the world, and I am glad to be one of a few chosen to Certify with Arlon.”

Morten Bak-Fredslund

Morten grew up in the car world, and has been customizing cars since he was young. Initially, he learned the art of application by doing signage installation for nearly 15 years. However, being a motor-head from an early age, Morten began customizing cars in 2001 with mostly high-end full color change. These jobs demand the highest level of detail and skill, so he learned quickly and in the line of fire.

Morten was co-owner and production manager at a large sign company for 3 years, and has extensive application experience with every brand of film on the market. When asked about his success and skill level, Morten says that “Understanding how vinyl is produced and how it performs is key to knowing what the vinyl will do and how you can install it.” Morten has competed in the Danish Car Wrapping Championship, taking First Place in 2012. He also won the European Wrap Star Competition in Frankfurt that same year. Morten is known in all high-end areas of car wrapping as one of the best in the world. Morten has wrapped over 500 vehicles since his start, including boats, trains, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and of course, just about every car under the sun! He lives in Denmark with his wife and two children, and in addition to being on the WrapItRight Certification Board, he is a freelance installer and a consultant to distributor Norma Nordic.

Robin Bös

Born in 1968 in Dusseldorf, German, Robin Bös was educated in France and his language skills alone (German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English) make him the perfect trainer for many people. Robin’s experience dates back to his first freelance work as an air-brush illustrator in 1992. He began wrapping vehicles in 1996 and did a lot of design and install work on winning race cars. In 2000, Robin began demonstrating at trade shows and began freelance work for the manufacturers in our industry. He has worked worldwide doing trainings, trade shows, and conducting seminars. One of his most memorable career achievements was when he was selected to wrap several airplanes for Red Bull during their 2006 Air Race. He was also one of the founding members for the GEWA (German Wrapping Association).

Maurice Boyer

SOTT has been a leader in Training Courses throughout Europe for more than 19 years. Over the past 19 years, over 2000 signage and wrap professionals have completed a SOTT training course. SOTT has a dedicated training facility at their worldwide headquarters in Best, Netherlands. SOTT has played a crucial role in the development and testing of Arlon’s UPP and Automotive Films. They are considered by many to be the world’s utmost authority on wrapping technique and training, and have developed many of the advanced application techniques that are used today. For example, the Arlon approved channel installation technique was first developed by SOTT, and is quickly being adopted as the industry standard. If a listed testing slot is not possible for you, please be aware that you can request SOTT testing on-site at your location, and you can also have a SOTT Trainer come to your location for private training days.

Learn the WrapItRight Way

Below you will find a series of videos that you MUST watch and learn before attending a WrapItRight certification class.

Clean Zone for Color Wrap
Creating a Clean Zone for Color Change Wraps

When doing a paint perfect color change, any piece of dust or debris can threaten the final look of your wrap. Managing the cleanliness of your application area is the start to a great color change project.

Receiving a Vehicle
Receiving a Vehicle

A successful vehicle wrap starts with giving your customer a good understanding of exactly what they can expect. Receiving the vehicle from your customer is the perfect time to do this. This video shows how you what details should be reviewed with your customer before you wrap a car.

Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping
Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping

Improper cleaning is the number one cause for vehicle wrap failures. This video shows the correct way to clean a vehicle prior to a vinyl graphic installation.

Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping
Basic Squeegee Skills

Using a squeegee is a basic skill that everyone working with vinyl needs. This video teaches you basic squeegee fundamentals while explaining the general approach to application. This video discusses different types of squeegees, as well as how and when to use them.

Removing and Remounting Badges
Removing and Remounting Badges

How to handle emblems and badges is one of the challenges in making a color change wrap look factory fresh. This video shows you how to remove and replace automotive badging while maintaining the paint perfect finish of your automotive wrap.

Managing Heat and Tension
Managing Heat & Tension

Complete vehicle wraps will always have more difficult areas that demand your vinyl graphic to be extremely stretched. This video shows the right way to manage heat and tension during install to make sure your graphic applies well and without distortion.

Color Change Recovery with Ultimate PremiumPlus™
Color Change Recovery with Arlon Ultimate PremiumPlus™

Color change wraps demand extreme stretch and this can lead to discoloration or loss of finish. Learn how to recover the extreme automotive finishes of Ultimate PremiumPlus™ by learning the techniques in this video.

Installing Broad Stretches with Heat Gun Vs. Infrared Heaters
Installing Broad Stretches with Heat Guns Vs. Infrared Heaters

Completing a successful full vehicle wrap is dependent on using a heat source to help conform your vinyl wrap to complex curves and channels. Keeping consistent heat across an application is always a challenge when using a standard heat gun or torch.

Fixing Bubbles and Wrinkles
Fixing Bubbles and Wrinkles

If you wrap cars, then you will experience bubbles or wrinkles. Learning how to quickly fix these common blemishes will help take your applications to the next level. This video shows you how to rework areas with bubbles or wrinkles without compromising the performance of your wrap.

Wrapping a Side Mirror
Wrapping a Side View Mirror

Installing vehicle accents can be challenging even for expert installers. This video shows how to install vinyl graphics to a complex curve mirror using a pre-stretch method.

Working with color change inlays

Working with Color Change Inlays

Many installers try to wrap bumpers in one piece. Having a one piece bumper wrap will often lead to problems down the road. This video shows you how to use "Inlays" to make a wrapped bumper look perfect.

Expanded Pocket Application
The Expanded Pocket Technique

This video shows you a technique to apply vinyl in deep recesses. Wrapping vehicle bumpers will often demand extreme stretch of the vinyl. The expanded pocket technique will help you achieve a perfect application that doesn't lift.

Wrapping the Bumper on a Color Change
Wrapping the Bumper on a Color Change

This video shows you a technique to apply vinyl in deep recesses. Wrapping vehicle bumpers will often demand extreme stretch of the vinyl. The expanded pocket technique will help you achieve a perfect application that doesn't lift.

Edge Trimming and Wrapping Corners
Edge Trimming & Wrapping Corners

Proper trimming is a very important step in any vehicle wrap, especially in a restyling or color change projects. This video shows the correct way to trim your graphic to achieve a paint-like finish.

Restyling using Knifeless Cutting Method
Restyling with Vinyl Layers using Knifeless Cutting Method

Creating a unique personal look is the objective of most vehicle restyling projects. One way to do this is to creatively layer vinyl films using multiple textures or colors. This video shows how to do this without damaging the paint of the vehicle through the use of knifeless cutting methods.

Wrapping for Automotive Restyling
Wrapping for Automotive Restyling

Vinyl installation for automotive restyling is very different than that of standard commercial wraps. Restyling applications demand customized looks with a paint perfect finish. This video shows an application strategy for how to maximize the impact of your project by accentuating the body lines of the vehicle.

Installing a Large Graphic with One Installer
Installing a Large Graphic

Vinyl installation for automotive restyling is very different than that of standard commercial wraps. Restyling applications demand customized looks with a paint perfect finish. This video shows an application strategy for how to maximize the impact of your project by accentuating the body lines of the vehicle.

Applying Vinyl into a Deep Channel
Applying Vinyl into a Deep Channel

Many commercial wraps include difficult applications over and around deep channels. This video shows the ideal technique for installing vinyl into channels. Using heat on the proper areas of the graphic and stretching at the right stage will ensure that your graphic will stay down.

Standard Rivet Application
Standard Rivert Application

Wrapping trailers means wrapping rivets. This video shows you different methods for installing rivets and which technique is the best for you. Learn how to avoid problems with rivets by watching this detailed video.

Removing a Vinyl Wrap
Removing a Vinyl Wrap

Removing old graphics can be a time consuming part of any wrap project. This video shows expert techniques for proper removal of vinyl vehicle wraps.

Removing Specialty Textured Vinyl
Removing Specialty Textured Vinyl

" Removing specialty graphics can be extremely difficult. This video shows how to properly remove textured films such as carbon fiber and brushed metal from a vehicle. This video describes how to use heat and the correct angle of force to ensure a clean removal.

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