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WrapItRight Certification Information for Europe

  1. Cost

    995,- €

    (Costs include material used and lunch during certification days. Participants will bring their own tools and will cover travel/accommodation expenses.)

    The cost for retaking the exam is 99,- after a 90 day waiting period.

  2. Rent an Instructor

    You can have one of our instructors come spend the day with you at your location, or you can go to one of our training locations. The cost for this is € 795 per day, plus any travel expenses if the instructor comes to you. The instructor would be at your disposal, to help with a job, or to work techniques,

    Please note: The WrapItRight Certification Exam is extremely difficult. Bringing one of our instructors in to work with you prior to the examination is highly recommended for the best guarantee for receiving a certification.

  3. Certification Locations

    Currently we have test centers in:

    Tubbergen, Netherlands
    Best, Netherlands
    Struer, Denmark
    Grevenbroich, Germany

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