Master The Wrap™ Led By WrapStar U

In person


08:30 am
To: 05:00 pm

Address: 3654 James Road Acworth, GA 30102


The Wrap Gym

Price: 1200

From June 5th-7th, 2024, embark on a transformative journey with the collaborative force of the “MASTER THE WRAP™ Initiative,” jointly led by WrapStar U and Arlon Graphics. Together, we proudly unveil an unparalleled Intermediate Commercial Van & Fleet Training program, a beacon for intermediate installers seeking to elevate their expertise in the intricate world of commercial fleet wraps. In an era where the visual impact of commercial fleets holds unprecedented sway, the combined expertise of WrapStar U and Arlon Graphics brings forth a specialized training initiative that delves into the nuanced artistry of the trade. More than just a training program, this initiative stands as a strategic cornerstone, meticulously designed to furnish participants with the knowledge and skills essential for navigating and overcoming the everyday challenges woven into commercial fleet installations. As the industry landscape continues to evolve, participation in this initiative becomes not only advantageous but imperative for intermediate installers aspiring to master the craft of commercial fleet wraps and emerge as trailblazers in the field.


Mervin Ocando

Mervin is our Texas-based tech whiz and a valuable member of our technical solutions specialist Group. With roots in the industry that trace back to his youth, Mervin’s journey is a tale of passion meeting expertise. His appetite for knowledge has seen him delve into every corner of the sign business. But here’s the kicker: Mervin wraps things for fun! That’s right, he turns the mundane into magic, one wrap at a time. And when it comes to breaking down complex topics, he’s your go-to guy, especially if you love sports. With sports analogies as his secret weapon, he makes even the most intricate subjects seem like a play-by-play of your favorite game. That’s Mervin – a blend of skill, passion, and a unique flair for making the technical relatable.