Managing Heat and Tension

Complete vehicle wraps will always have more difficult areas that demand your vinyl graphic to be extremely stretched. Truly, managing heat and tension is crucial to a successful application. This video shows the right way to manage heat and tension during install to make sure your graphic applies well and without distortion.

Cleaning a Vehicle Before Wrapping

Improper cleaning is the number one cause for vehicle wrap failures. This video shows the correct way to clean a vehicle prior to a vinyl graphic installation.

The Pre-Stretch and Shrink Method

At its core, vehicle wrapping is about transforming 2D objects into 3D. By wrapping compound curves, distortion is inevitable. The task of the installer is to manage that distortion effectively. One of the best ways to do this is with the Pre-Stretch and Shrink Method.

Removing a Vinyl Wrap

Removing old graphics can be a time consuming part of any wrap project. This video shows expert techniques for proper removal of vinyl vehicle wraps.

Standard Rivet Application

Installers have always been looking for ways to install the perfect rivet. But trailers have thousands of them. So when you’re choosing your technique it’s important to remember things like speed and consistency, as well as the overall look of your application.

This is a standard rivet and will be the focus of our video. All rivet applications rely on the use of heat. So you will need to decide to use either a heat gun or a propane torch.

Low Contact Vinyl Application in Cooler Weather

Low contact films are a popular choice because of their ease of application in warmer temperatures. But what’s the best way to install them in cooler temperatures? In order to simulate a low-temperature application, we set the temperature in our cold room to 58 degrees Fahrenheit or 14 degrees Celsius. We chose this jeep hood because although it’s mostly flat, the front corners have a tight, complex curve.

Repositioning Reflective Graphics with IllumiNITE Wrap™

As you all know, repositionability is one of the biggest challenges you have when you’re installing reflective films. To best demonstrate the repositionability of IllumiNITE Wrap™, we’ve chosen a large SUV with a huge hood, which is usually very difficult for one person to install alone. It’s a challenge to reach the center of the hood and to work the film into these channels. But the superior repositionability of IllumiNITE Wrap™ allows you to manage this application solo.